Material Witness will focus on extreme textile process. Images will be posted here showing the history of my work, new work, developing projects and inspiration.

Friday, February 24, 2012


My jacket and a marbled paper box.

Further developing copper patination for printing

Knit, dyed and felted wool, cotton and silk scarf 2009

image from paint palette sample sheet

Feathers Mark gathered from his peacocks. Gave me a huge vase full. Indulging my Bovary thing!

I have been waiting for green. It is dark, cold and rainy in Vancouver this week. The eye has to search for green in the grey, grey weather.

The greens and blues excite my eye.

And I should be organizing my office and taxes.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Curl Up Inside

Under side of paper wasp nest

Cells paper wasps nest

Turtle shell


Tiny Pyrography picture Patricia Chauncey 2011

Inspiration globes and rattle

Hive layers

Favourite plate from Fangfoss, U.K.

Encaustic painting detail in process - Patricia Chauncey 2011

Encaustic painting detail - in process Patricia Chauncey 2011

Lantern Patricia Chauncey 2011

Volcanic Rock from Oregon Coast

Saltspring Barnacles

Bark with Woodpecker holes

Sample felt work - Patricia Chauncey 2011

Sections of felt work - Patricia Chauncey 2011

Kathryn came for supper last night and gifted me parts of two paper wasp nests.
There is a little of the hive covering left and four layers of cells. She found them when out for an urban hike.

I am awed. I get gifts of unusual natural objects from friends and customers. Obscure bits of nature that never fail to inspire. Cocoons, insect nests, bones, skins and beautiful stones. Each crawls into the work and come out somewhere unexpected to me.

Mark gave me a collection of thirty peacock feathers from the Wells Hotel. Gleaming with fifty colours and reflective surface. Variable depending on the light. Soft and sensual to touch. Reacting to movement of air and temperature. The remnant of a beautiful calling bird.

They exist in jars, bowls and baskets all over my house and throughout the studio. Collections. Visual and physical reminders of this complex and layered world. Studies on surface, light reflection, form, colour and texture. Absorbed through nostril, skin, ears and eyes. Completely important to my process.

Hunter and gatherer. Collector. Visual explorer. Closet Darwinian.