Material Witness will focus on extreme textile process. Images will be posted here showing the history of my work, new work, developing projects and inspiration.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pubs and Knitting Circles

Accountants can knit.
Proof anything can happen in the pub.
Knit one Purl one

Writers can knit while drinking a nice glass of ale.
Midwives can rattle a stick.

Spent last night in the Wise Hall Lounge at the first meeting of my knitting group.
Interesting women from 30 - 60. A range of skills from beginners to knitting two socks at a time on one needle. Included a writer, an artist, a midwife, an accountant and others.

So we sat with our ale and knit the night away. We talked wool, stitches and knitting sites and stores.
Turns out any people learned to knit off of You-Tube.

Em was the most experienced knitter. She talked needle sizes and wool thickness. She pulled the raggedy group together. We all talked about different knitting styles and how hard it was to learn in the beginning.

Double projects done to show the rest of us up.
We talked abut life, birth, relationships and death. Law, community politics, housing, education and teen boys. I had the most experience there as I had four and did it pretty well if my kids are any indication.

I think I talked Em into knitting me naughty hats for small talk Gallery.

So I will meet them next Tuesday for a drink, a bitch and a stitch. And I will finally learn how to knit properly. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Travels With Vikings

Rod, my favourite Viking, called today to tell me he wanted to take me on a little creative journey.
He did a gallery tour of Seattle and thought it would be more fun if I was there and that it would even be more fun if we went to Portland for a few days.

Very nice.

I told him I was retiring my status as a fun weekend date. I was cutting my hair, putting on painty sweat pants, blowing my nose on my sleeve and signing up for the Legion Bingo games.

Lovely Viking said that would be even better because no one else would pay attention to me. He bought and refurbished an antique projector to go with the antique films he gave me last year.

Oh dear...

He has this fantastic collection of felted monsters in his little Smart Car and lots of wicked finger puppets to play with. He collects incredible places to eat and drink. Waters me wth hot sake and aquavit. And hand feeds me things like candied hibiscus flowers and juniper soda.

I told him I was tempted but I was still throwing up and if he planned on kidnapping me he would have to keep me in his beautiful house on the beach. And that I was going to out the fact that he liked pitiful women artists. He agreed and said something in Danish that sounded appropriately rude.

So Seattle it is. With a rude Viking. When I can find my glasses.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Specimen Patricia Chauncey 2011 Mixed textile process

Vivid dreams with my afternoon nap.

Dreams of being underwater and floating through sea weed. Tiny creatures devouring everything in sight.
Too small to do damage to anything larger than a pebble. But greedy and perpetual grazers.

I am fascinated by their voracity.

I watch and they start to move in slow circles. Florescent. Like someone using Glo sticks to create patterns in the dark. They start to create a vortex and pull others into their circle. Each slow circle sucked into the other in a rocking but consistent rhythm.

I know that each one is barely aware of the other. There is no leader. Not one creature left out. But each propelled to join the spin. It becomes an inescapable sensation. Soft swirls. Soft pulses. Soft light.
 It stops abruptly and each leaves the circle.  And are once again solitary diners.

I grab one and it is so delicate. It is wrapped tissue and fibres. There is nothing internal. The creatures have worked together to create each body. Nothing but tissue and fibrous strand woven together.. And when touched they turn to powder.  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kick Ass Life.

Finished with the injections for this month. Not bad this time. Tolerable.

The drugs are working and my tumour marker counts are far enough down to hold the cancer cell development at bay for now. This is great news because the longer I can last the more likelihood there is at being able to try the new treatments that are killing Stage 4 cancers.

I am pretty remarkable according to my Oncologist.

My reward is peanut butter, vitamins, a spritz of lemon and a whole baked potato!

So my goal is to live the most kick ass life I can.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Knitting Companions

My new knitting circle will be starting in a week or two.
Ems made a moose hat which I will steal the second her sweetie takes it off his head!!
My companions prove to be promising and compatible.