Material Witness will focus on extreme textile process. Images will be posted here showing the history of my work, new work, developing projects and inspiration.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Long Johns

I went into the studio today to discover that the efficient Tina had finished forty two scarf blanks for me. It is Vivian's birthday tomorrow so I gave her a cupcake and she sewed me some very lovely kelly green long johns for Wells. I look a little bit like a gnome woman in them!

Things are starting to get a little complicated. Today I am going to try and get my tax numbers, phones etc. In the meantime nearly everything is tucked in boxes and corners as I pack for a winter, spring and summer up there in Wells.

Friday was the most lovely evening. Rod came by with new presents of large medical swabs and eye droppers for painting. He also shared some of his inspiring collections revealing other people's lives. I was left rather speechless by the beauty of such ordinary objects and his interpretation of them. He popped me into his little Smart Car and we went for a delicious and further inspiring dinner. His friend, Sam, owned the restaurant and brought us extra goodies.
Hot sake, good Viking company, and spicy food destroys any desire I have to be a moderate person.

Saturday morning was used up buying office supplies, proper warm clothing and boots. Can't say I felt well at all. Went into the studio to start ripping things apart but mostly sat and stared into my boxes of crap and art supplies. Sometimes it really is hard to figure out what is what. Luckily Rod came by not looking any worse for wear and very patiently taught me how to use the projector. He also cleaned it and changed the ancient projector bulbs. I actually learned how to use it because he just sat and waited until I finished my girly whining and soppy helplessness. Didn't buy in at all! Result being that I can now run the thing backwards and forwards.

The film strips are spectacular and so exciting for me. All kinds of operas with full costumes. All these can be hand cranked. The projector works so amazingly well and really is crafted in the most beautiful and simple way. What an incredible present!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Insuring The Works

I taught a class at Capilano University Textile Arts Program yesterday and converted a whole new group to my evil methods. We tore through samples, shared techniques and destroyed fabric to satisfy our darker textile desires.

Got to meet Mya again. She is confirmed as my practicum student. Lovely, really hardworking and creative. She has a whole cadre of skills I don't have.

I got unbelievable samples. Try a eroded and burnt silver crepe backed lame, a torched and wrapped Christmas Cardinal, smock pleated and painted poly with some poly stitching. One student painted lace and made it fry. Completely gorgeous.

Marie came from the studio to help me. She was the perfect Vanna White to my prancing pony, mega mouth routine.

Only bad part of the day was the soggy cranberry turkey wrap I gagged through at lunch.

Katyee Kilgour came and reminded me that I taught her how to burn wood with a magnifying glass when she was 12 and I was living on Pender Island. I just found one of the logs we burnt last week. She becomes the next custodian.

Favourite customer Rod and I will have dinner on Friday night and he will hopefully survive my interrogation for the next project. He is a most interesting person who has now given me hundreds of old medical slides, old opera movies and a projector. He is going to teach me how to use it and I am going to find out what and why he collects. His eye and ability to find amazing objects and people are inspiring.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today Gary and I exchanged information, money and keys. I am now the new proprietor of the St. George's Gallery in Wells, British Columbia, Canada.

I am leaving for Wells on Easter weekend and dragging up my gallery set up team with me.

I am left without words.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wells a Go-Go

Well...I am taking over two gallery spaces in Wells and moving up there for the summer.
I will be running the Marie Nagel Gallery and the Good Eats Gallery!

The theatre was not destroyed thankfully and they will be able to rent me the gallery space next door for the summer.

First trip up is Easter Weekend.

The offer for the workshops at Wells has come through. Everything has now fallen into place.

All I have to do is hand over my savings and get a little dream in return. Oh and sublet my studio in Vancouver and a few other details of course.

Nothing like a little exuberance to get the juices pumping. Right on Brucey!

Holy Doodles!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Welling Up

I have so much to tell you!

The potluck at the Williams Street Studio was wonderful. Marie and I ended up being a little late becasue poor Tim just had a root canal. He was in quiet misery and decided not to come. Right before launching the truck down to the studio my favourite customer Rod called and has found me a bunch of medical imagery, old x-rays and films of disease. He is going to deliver them in his little Smart Car on Tuesday evening.

The potluck was lovely and enhanced by the fact that Fae made it. She is waiting now for the filming they did on her for the wonderful show called "Landscape as Muse." She came and took a Cronenberg video or two home with her and wants to dive into the medical imagery. Can think of a few others who might benefit (Arlee Barr).

The phone rang during my meeting today with Gary, the new owner of the Marie Nagle Gallery in Wells. It was from Mary Lou,the Textile Arts coordinator at Capilano College, confirming my guest teach and that a new student named Mya wants to be my practicum. Mya is great so I am thrilled. Mary Lou also informed me that I have been nominated for the Capilano College Alumni of Distinction Award for the School's fourtieth Anniversary. I was floored and very honoured. Teared up as a matter of fact.

Gary and I set terms today. He will need to talk to the renter of his house to see if I can take the top floor. If so...it is a go!

Favourite New York and World artist Abigail Doan contacted me and asked me if I might be interested in doing something with her and another artist from the Netherlands. Yup!

Celine sent me some wonderful and inspiring imagery for a little scheme we have.

Does having the flu make you a fluzy?

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I spent today in bed whining and feeling sorry for myself.

Yesterday the majority of the gigs happening with the 2010 Committee and the BC Mining Museum were cancelled or delayed. I was more than a little shocked considering I have hired people to help with the work and spent a fortune on supplies.

My show at the "Artisan" gallery in Squamish is still a go for the first week in June until the end of August. Thank God!

I got home from the shopping trip for supplies yesterday to hear that the roof on the Sunset Theatre in Wells has buckled under the heavy snow load. The Sunset Theatre is owned by the same people who bought the "Good Eats Gallery" I was going to rent for the summer. It is now being used to store stuff from the theatre. Nothing can even be discussed for weeks because they have much bigger problems than me. And I really understand.

I am so sad for them. Karen and Dave Jeffries work so hard to benefit Wells. I hope the community will give them a hand. I will see what I can do.

Obviously I need a third backup plan. Just feel too depleted to figure it out today. Best thing about blustery days is the warmth of thick comforters and hot tea. Sniff.

Tomorrow is another day. Cara and I will continue to make large cocoon bodies and bend wire and bamboo. Tomorrow night is the potluck and party at the William's Street Studio. Huge turnout is expected.

Teach next week at Capilano College and find out who my next practicum student is. I loves my practicum students.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Flying Low

I got bucked out of my chair today. Spectacular landing all twisted up in a huge bucket of giggles. It was so funny and surprising that I didn't realize I actually hurt myself for about an hour.
Hot bath and tylenol seems to be all that is needed.

Luckily Hilary was silk screening the bark today so I wasn't alone. She packed me into the car and drove me home.

Things are now showing some progress. Tomorrow should see at least one finished log. Everyone will be in tomorrow.

Capilano College have asked me to teach again and a new practicum student has applied. It seems too early but it isn't. Time flys when you do.

Best part about falling is that I found my special Japanese gold powder and adhesive in the bucket I landed on. Worst part is the nasty tushy bruise!

Chewing my nails up to my elbows waiting to hear about the
Wells gig.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Tonight I had the most lovely tea with Celine, the Numen Gallery owner. Topics of conversation included...old bones and abandoned cemetaries, death ceremony and ritual, neadrathals, installations, medical disaster, mitochondrial DNA, food, the care and management of civilized men, light and illumination, Joseph Cornell, Wells, painting formats, artists statements, new music and the old Artropolis catalogue.

She brought the tea and the cookies.

The studio is really different at night. There were a lot of people there in the early evening. They filtered out as the night went on. We filtered out at 11:30.

I wait on three or four people to plan my summer. Three have now contacted me back to say offers and plans are coming shortly.

Today money flowed in from a few sources from the sale of my art! I like that just fine.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Revisiting The Gold Town

I have spent the last few days following up on an opportunity to revisit the old goldmining town of Wells, B.C. A few possibilities have come to me regarding setting up a gallery there this summer. I have already applied to do a workshop at the Wells Festival.
So the last few days have been spent renegotiating a Gallery for this summer.

Everything seems to be falling into place. I have spoken with two gallery owners and they both seem amenable to renting me space from April to September. Details are being worked out.
I will know in the next few days!

It hasn't taken anytime to plan the Gallery because I had done it all two years ago and we just dragged out the old plans!

I hope that I can be up there for most of the summer. I love the people and the physical environment. It is amazing to find such a small town so cram packed with creative and active people that also fits my political way of being in the world.

This wee little place has everything including a library, orgnaic food delivery, a public bus system to Quesnel, a progressive town council and amazing people who have moved there from my own community of Commercial Drive in Vancouver.

The only downside is the 13 foot snowdrifts that are there right now. They wont even be melted if I take one of the places in April.

I spoke with Claire Kudjunic, an artist friend, and the community is already making me welcome. I am so excited!