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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Long Johns

I went into the studio today to discover that the efficient Tina had finished forty two scarf blanks for me. It is Vivian's birthday tomorrow so I gave her a cupcake and she sewed me some very lovely kelly green long johns for Wells. I look a little bit like a gnome woman in them!

Things are starting to get a little complicated. Today I am going to try and get my tax numbers, phones etc. In the meantime nearly everything is tucked in boxes and corners as I pack for a winter, spring and summer up there in Wells.

Friday was the most lovely evening. Rod came by with new presents of large medical swabs and eye droppers for painting. He also shared some of his inspiring collections revealing other people's lives. I was left rather speechless by the beauty of such ordinary objects and his interpretation of them. He popped me into his little Smart Car and we went for a delicious and further inspiring dinner. His friend, Sam, owned the restaurant and brought us extra goodies.
Hot sake, good Viking company, and spicy food destroys any desire I have to be a moderate person.

Saturday morning was used up buying office supplies, proper warm clothing and boots. Can't say I felt well at all. Went into the studio to start ripping things apart but mostly sat and stared into my boxes of crap and art supplies. Sometimes it really is hard to figure out what is what. Luckily Rod came by not looking any worse for wear and very patiently taught me how to use the projector. He also cleaned it and changed the ancient projector bulbs. I actually learned how to use it because he just sat and waited until I finished my girly whining and soppy helplessness. Didn't buy in at all! Result being that I can now run the thing backwards and forwards.

The film strips are spectacular and so exciting for me. All kinds of operas with full costumes. All these can be hand cranked. The projector works so amazingly well and really is crafted in the most beautiful and simple way. What an incredible present!!!

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