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Friday, April 3, 2009

Step One, Step Two

Here are some of the steps I am taking to set up the gallery in Wells.

Step 1: Take a deep breath, pack clothing and food and then run off and drink with as many Vancouver friends as possible.
Step 2: Resist saying things like "So long suckers", because I have yet to experience 10 foot snow drifts, mosquitoes and the local grizzly bears.
Step 3: Avoid accidentally packing studio mates supplies or leaving her with the dust from behind the work tables I am absconding with.
Step 4: Avoid inviting friends to visit at the same time.
Step 5; Set up bank accounts, tax numbers, insurance, credit lines, and a guy to shovel off the church roof and install the wood stove chimney.
Step 6: Inform children and friends that I am officially in the poor house.
Step 7: Inform children and friends that I will no longer be doing their laundry.
Step 8: Learn to do a mountain yodel.
Step 9: Pack first aid kit. Include wine, matches, sex toys and a toothbrush. No razors because of frost bite.
Step 10: Remember not to yell out of car windows or show finger at the Wells traffic jam. There are less than 300 people in town.

One week and counting...

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arlee said...

NARF! You'd be a fine travelling companion, me thinks. Have fun!