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Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude this morning. I have arrived in a strange place and have had mostly good experiences.

I am particularly grateful for Claire Kujundzic and Bill Horne of Amazing Space Gallery in Wells. They are the kind of people everyone should have in their community. Both are highly creative and have carved a functional, creative life for themselves in a place that is an hour from even a very small city. They have managed to hold and continue to develop values that make them rather exceptional human beings.

I knew Claire and Bill by reputation in Vancouver. Bill worked at my favourite bakery, Uprising Breads. and Claire taught my one of my children a weekend arts and science course. We traveled in many of the same circles in the left, in social justice work, education activism and in the woman's community. We even share some friends. I have seen their work through time and always loved it.

I wondered where they had gone and discovered they were in Wells when I came up here to explore purchasing a gallery a few years ago. They invited me and Tim for a lovely dinner and have stayed in touch regarding Wellsian possibilities since then.

Both Claire and Bill work hard to be decent people. They work hard for a decent world. They are generous beyond belief and are really nice people. They are also
very grounded and ethical. They aren't soppy and sickly sweet because they are also truthful and speak up when it isn't popular to do so. They take real risks.

I am just starting to get to know them and they have been so generous as to share themselves with me. This touches me deeply. I don't make friends as easily as I used to. I don't even expect to make friends. It is actually hard to bother with as many people as in the past.

Today I am just really grateful that there are two people like Claire and Bill in my world.

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