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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Night Creatures

I woke up with a real start last night because the door of the Good Eats opened with a crash!
I ran over to close it and saw something on the porch but didn't have my glasses on and just don't see very well in the dark. I still have no idea what it was because I slammed the door shut but the thing started pushing at the door which wouldn't catch on the latch. I grabbed the ladder and pushed it over the door and the knob but the thing still kept pushing. I used all my strength, started yelling and shoved the big wardrobe in front of the door. Then pushed the light switch on and off!!!

It took about an hour but whatever it was growled away and tore up my compost bag.

Everyone here says it is too early for bears but that they will push doors open if they are hungry. So will big dogs, coyotes and other creatures.

What other creatures ...She asks still shaking!!!!

Bill and I spent the morning doing photographs of my work for post cards, geeting cards and business cards.

Two little bears were seen at the edge of town yesterday. Perhaps it was just "Close Encounters of the Bear Kind"!

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