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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Face Plant

Well....I am here! I am in the thriving metropolis of Wells and using the General Store to make this entry.

I have learned a few things being here.

A) If you walk fast in the snow you can land on your face in four feet of snow!
B) It is important to try and remember names of people who are around. They remember your name.
C) The salute at street corners in Wells is a five fingered wave not one using the middle finger which might get you a face plant.
D) A small community can have more community involvement than a big city.
E) Don't eat yellow snow!
F) First fire takes twenty matches. Wet wood won't light no matter how blue you turn.
G) Second fire takes two matches done blindfolded with hands in mittens.
H) Extreme embroidery warms the fingers. Yeah heat guns, heat presses, and hot tools.
I) Go to the potlucks and the parties. People here cook good!
J) Everything can freeze. Every seen a solid tomatoe on a cold counter?
H) The definition of spring changes depending on where you are. Spring looks like four feet of snow, slush and cold wind to me but kids just arrived in the store wearing flip flops and shorts.

Anybody want to cuddle? Be warned I will be using you for warmth. No commitment required!!!!

1 comment:

arlee said...

Banking snow up around the place helps heat too--as you kick it there and as it insulates :}