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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Moving On

My friends Claire, Bill and Griz, the burly hero from the Wells General Store, helped me to accomplish my move in less than 2 hours this morning. Bill hacked all the snow out of the front of the Good Eats Gallery and Claire and Bill helped me move all of my stuff either into the St. George's Gallery or into the Good Eats. Griz lent me his truck and plowed the road.

I was nearly outsmarted by an interesting passive aggressive today but I actually had the experience to recognize what was happening. I have always said that to be a good passive aggressive you have to be very clever. Witnesses always help in these circumstances.
Self report any damage and any devious plan by another can be circumvented.

Today I get to embroider. I have been invited to drink tonight but I think I would rather embroider because that is why I came here,

Now I have my own little kitchen, my own food and wine. I have heat in my room for the first time in a week. No difficult people to deal with but me. A view over the frozen bog that is so lovely it leaves me speechless.

The show at IMA was lovely and both artists dedicated part of the proceeds of sales to the local environmental work saving mountain goats.


arlee said...

GAWD i envy you the time alone.......................Savour it!

material witness said...

I know!
I woke up this morning and pfaffed about for an hour deciding which window to look out to watch the snow fall.