Material Witness will focus on extreme textile process. Images will be posted here showing the history of my work, new work, developing projects and inspiration.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Botanical Inspiration

Bear's Britches. Ferocious beauty! Extreme and harsh with prickles which turn into beautiful skeletons.
Most amazing veining
Strange flowers.
Love these little pod branches.

Phlox changing to violet fall colouring. Will last well into the winter and then leave leathery dried blossoms and then skeleton blossoms by next spring.
Poppy pods. I will give them a shake in a few weeks and let them fall on the icy ground. Prolific and beautiful this year. The cool summer helped.

Paper wasp family has grown through the summer. they will die in the next few weeks and I will harvest the little nest for my art. They are a little more aggressive right now.

Fall is starting to show her colours. I love this time of year. Harvest and degeneration in a single season. All of my energies are high in Autumn. These are images of some of the favourite plants in my garden other than the ones that feed me.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Busy And In The Zone

Have recovered from techno panic of yesterday...I hope.

Have moved into the busy zone once again. It s prep time for the CRAWL. Have to reclaim the studio and turn it into gallery and work space again. So much work to do before the event.

Am working on the web page today and doing invoices and registrations. Am excited to attend SPLASH as a participating artist with the Art's Umbrella on October 13. They know how to throw a party! Hopefully my art will do as well at the fundraising auction as it did last year. Will be going the next day to Wells to attend the Arts As Business Conference with Island Mountain Arts on October 14. Am really happy that I have invitations to stay with friends but I think I will indulge in a comfy room at the beautiful Wells Hotel and hang out with owner Mark and other friends.

Tim is home for another few days. Which means I have some muscle to move a few things around. He is so happy to be home this visit.

It is pouring rain and blowing hard today. Trying not to break my rule of never turning on the heat before October 1. Wish I had a Wells wood stove. Nothin melts the toes like one of those. Will have to bake something to pull the moist off the house air. Wish I was in Wells most of the time!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Problem solved I hope.

Reported Again

My hotmail account has crashed again. Once again I am on "Report". It makes no sense at all.
I rely on my hotmail for both business and social stuff. I spend whole periods of my life relying on the computer for contact with the outside world, for contact with my most important Doctor, and with a few friends.

I do not send porn, product information, mushy crap or stupid little quizzes.

Jim will look at it to see if something has jeopardized my account and will find out where this is coming from. It might be another problem.

If you have recieved something offensive from me or are bothered by contact with me and have done this please let me know. I will make sure all contact stops.


I am constantly inspired by knots in wood and trees. This little collection of images is from Porteau Cove.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Moody Day

Tim is home. He took me out to Porteau Cove for a little outing today. It was a soft moody day with low cloud but warm enough to go without a jacket.

There was hardly a ripple on the water in Howe Sound and traditional Squamish drumming filled the air.

A perfect last lick of summer.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


They are filming "Supernatural" right outside my house today. Both front and back.
There are trucks, tents, bodies and smokers everywhere. It will be going on until 2 am.

I need to go to an appointment which is going to be challenging. Our cars were all moved last night or towed away this morning. The bus isn't going by and the street is blocked.

But they look like they are having fun and working hard and it is very interesting to watch from the window.

Worked as a costumer once and a breakdown artist and precision dyer. Could never expend that kind of energy now.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Long Day

Had a long day filming an artist's profile with SHAW today. Got to talk about my work and relationship to the mine. Climbed into a new cavern today and saw stalagtites and thick copper encrustation. Someone had painted handprints on the wall. Kept getting lost in the beauty and had to stay focused on the interview.

I grabbed the wrong bag and left my equipment behind. Ryan, the mine carpenter, rounded me up everything I needed. So I was able to do a detailed demo after all. The staff at the museum are all fantastic from my experience.

Maggie cancelled her trip today and drove me out to Britannia Beach. She nurtured me and was a wonderful support person at the mine. She even moved furniture. Gorgeous trip out and back. Blue, blue sky, nice cool air, sea looking perfect. We had a nice lunch and the best green tea ever. Japanese Sencha. I have to find me some.

I came home and climbed into bed. I felt really dizzy and my arm was swollen and killing me. I think I lifted too much. No pain killers but sleep really worked just fine. I went for a long, long walk when it was dark. And ate a really late dinner on my own.

Krisztina was also interviewed about the show and rounded up tickets for me and friends to come back.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Michael Moore

Did you ever admire someone for being just themselves? And trying really, really hard!

Michael Moore read at the Stanley Theatre tonight for a very long time. It was an indulgence for his audience. He made sure he let us know that he likes Canadians and that he knew something about the changes we are going through. Not the good ones. But he gave us more of his time than was expected or required. He stayed and signed every last book. He signed hundreds of books.

I was nearly at the end of the line and he spent just a little more time with us. He told us that he had to get back to Seattle tonight. It is three hours away if the border wait is good. He had already been detained at the Canadian Border once today. He was already really, really tired.

He did the nicest thing. He looked at me and said my name out loud and went to sign the book and then he said it again and stopped, looked up and just smiled at me. I thanked him and just smiled at him. He thanked me back. Big smile again. I kind of floated off and out the door. I was so very struck by his generosity and kindness to us all.

I felt very inspired by how fundamental he was. That his personal history was. That he understands his job and his responsibility to use his gift to communicate. That he works really, really hard. That he understands that we are all in this together and we each have something we can do to make change.

He talked about the war, the economy, Bush, Obama, and also about Harper. He talked about history and justice. Guns and medicare. Election process. All the things I wanted him to. He told funny stories about himself and awkward adolescence. But he also revealed his shyness and vulnerability and eagerness to please. His faux pas. His ability to shake it up.

His generosity astounded me. And I think that is really, really cool!

Now I just can't wait to climb into this book...

And I think I will wait to write to tell him something different than he said...Canadians do to have an assassinated Prime Minister in our past, that the KKK also thrived here once, that racism also exists in Canada, that we really aren't as nice as we used to be and that our current government is fighting to have our gun laws loosened., to let the oil men and bankers run amok, and to take away our precious medicare and change it to a for profit system.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

One Sleep

This month is rapidly turning into my New Year. The rain has started.
But things are happening!

2 hour interview and filming an artist's profile on Monday in the Britannia Beach Mine. Excited about that. They are filming my work and me climbing through the mine.

The B.C. Mining Museum have extended my show "Unearthed" until November 5.

Squamish Art's Council asked to keep my work in their gallery during the Arts All Candidates Meeting in November.

Michael Moore's speak is tomorrow evening. One more sleep. My date is Gayla Chernovsky. He is reading from his new book for the Writer's Festival.

Art Is Your Business workshop with Island Mountain Arts in Wells, B.C. on October 14 - 16. Booked already!

East Side Culture Crawl in late November. Need to pay fees. Prep time. Will do an installation and show work from the last three shows.

A collaboration with artist Barry Butler sometime soon.

Femke van Delft and Dave Chokroun new show Playing War Games at Shudder Gallery 433 Columbia Street, Vancouver B.C. on September 21 at 9:30 pm. Very Excited about that!

Finishing my Web site with Scott Pownall.

Revamping and painting the studio which has turned into a storage unit through the spring and summer.

Lots to do.

"I am not what I am, I am what I do with my hands."
Louise Bourgeois

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Got the sads today. Not very productive but stuck doing housework. My normal Hi-Ho routine isn't working very well. Normally the fall is my New Year. Usually my favourite time with warm days and cooler nights, harvest time and the expectation of change. And home made soup.

I think it would be very nice to have a cat again. Tim doesn't want one at all. He doesn't like most pets. He liked the birdies though because they were so crazy and pretty and easy to clean up after.

He comes into town tonight and leaves again in a day or two. He is going camping with two of our sons for a week. Being a good Dad.

I just feel like I am waiting for something but can't put my finger on it.

I dreamed last night about the "Kaballah". Nothing I have a thing to do with in waking time. A book about it kept coming apart in my hands. Moths had eaten it. The text in it was so faded. Indecipherable. I tried to stitch it together but couldn't figure out what thread they used on it originally. I put the threads under a "viewing glass" and it turned out to be finely twisted animal gut. "Not possible!", I thought. "Anything is possible", said a voice on the radio playing nearby.

Woke up disturbed and lonely. One of those dreams that upsets you for awhile.

Instead of whining I think I will go clean something. Maybe just make a book with some linen thread. About... Who knows!

Three sleeps 'til Michael Moore's reading.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Visitors And Residents

Had some visitors to my garden today. Oh dear. I went to scare them away but decided to be very, very non-threatening and low key.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sun Yet Sen Garden

Rock and bamboo

Double sided silk embroidery. Sorry about the exposure but it was behind glass and caught my flash.

Pebble mosaic walkway

Rock formations leading to water.

Exquisite two sided silk embroidery
Click on images for better detail.

Scott and Celine kidnapped me again for our semi-regular field trip. This time they took me to Sun Yet Sen Gardens in Chinatown and out for supper at the Acme Cafe.

An inspiring time as always.

Saw some lovely artifacts and the gardens and ponds are a replica of an ancient stone and water garden in China. Complete with authentic buildings. I used to sit there and have my lunch when I worked in the Downtown Eastside. I'd have some sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf and some tea and watch the old men playing traditional musical instruments and sing to the turtles in the pond. They fed them and the turtles were trained to come when they whistled or sang. So did the koi. It was a magical place to de-stress from the responsibilities of street social work.

Saw the huge koi but not the turtles tonight and heard that most of the old men are now dead.
How lucky I was to have been included with their lunch time ritual then. I swear I kept seeing their shadows!

We ate supper in the Acme Cafe and laughed and talked about everything. I had this delicious broccoli slaw with cranberries and cashews. Celine had a wild boar cass0ulet that smelled incredible. Scott had a very thin crusted chicken pie. Another enjoyable evening.

I got to see their new live work loft which is right over the working waterfront. Planes , ships, helicopters, sea buses, fishing boats and trains came and went frantically the whole time I was there. Such a busy but remarkable view to enjoy.

Monday, September 12, 2011

CARE to Change - Pressure

I am thrilled to tell you that my young friend Sequae Daku's video has been entered in a competition. She has addressed the issue of social pressure to change her appearance to look like everyone else. The video was made last summer at Island Mountain Arts Video Production Day Camp. You have the opportunity to help her win by giving her your vote at

Sequae helped me in my gallery in Wells two summers ago and will be hired right away if I open it again. Her video also gives a good look at my favourite little village in Northern B.C.

I am a member of Island Mountain Arts which operates an amazing summer school for the arts.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Earthquakes, Korean Bats, South Africa and Michael Moore

It has been a day filled with events.

Tim called and asked if I might consider moving to Johannesburg, South Africa for awhile.
Completely out of left field but nothing unusual there. He was trying to figure out what to do with a little bat that got trapped in one of the shipments of machinery from Korea. No answers for him except maybe and don't touch it.

We had an earthquake on the Coast and I didn't feel a thing. Thought the friend who called me about it was joking. It was out in the Pacific Ocean and doesn't look like much damage was done but I think I'll dismantle the shelf over the head of the bed and decorate the area with a textile and not iron and glass like I have. Would be good not to lose anymore body parts!

I got tickets to Michael Moore!!!! He is reading from his new book and I need to indulge my funny, smart, chubby, lefty guy weakness. Completely embarrassed my kids once when I saw him on the street in Vancouver coming out of a local news station. Stuck my head out the van window, yelled he was hot and put my fist straight into the air. He returned the gesture and laughed. My mortified sons ducked out of sight and hid under the floor matts. I explained it was the greeting used by fellow travellers. And that I thought that he was hot because he believed in equity and justice and put himself in the front lines to get it. And blah blah blah blah. Later explained that the incident would no longer be referred to as "The day Mom fisted Michael Moore".

Made green bean sushi, kamut no knead bread, and black bean, garlic asparagus. Drowned myself in iced chai, researched salinity and drew with the charcoal Laurie brought in from France. Making little boxes for an experiment.

Nothing much happened here today.

South Africa? Really!



Juliet and Jonathon. One month old today.

My life is full of tiny wonders. Jonathan is one of them.
He came for a visit yesterday and amused me with his facial expressions.
Responsive and beautiful with the most perfect skin.

I held his mother when she was small. My Juliet.

She snuggled into the corner of my couch and drank chai and ate jelly beans.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


There are some things I just need to confess.

1. I hate pedicures with a passion. No one can come near my toes with sharp implements.
2. I really don't believe in a god but I sometimes wonder about ghosts.
3. I really love grumpy, rude teenagers and full out tantruming two year olds.
4. I have a crush on the person who delivers my mail.
5. I have white sugar in my coffee and sometmes I drink it with Baileys first thing in the morning.
6. I sniff people I love. I think I can smell when they are happy or upset.
7. It is rare that I don't get exactly what I want. Sooner or later.
8. Over tip waitresses because I feel guilty about being served and I used to be one.
9. I like cleaning bathrooms. Mostly mine. It is about shiny, white porcelain and sparkling mirrors.
10. Sometimes I write ridiculous lists.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hotmail Report

My hotmail has been compromised. If you have received anything from me that looks unlikely please delete it. I never, ever send product information. Particularly regarding sexual aids.

I am so sorry if you have had to deal with this.

I have been reported and my e-mail is no longer accessible for those trying to get in touch.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Tarot Root - reminds me of the surfaces I do

Overwhelming and row after row of Rocco

Oh La La!!!!!...mucho, mucho!!!!! My new unmentionables? A girl can hallucinate...

Gayla and I went over to Mason's to service her sewing machine. I ran across the street to the fabulous Rocco's Fabric Store on Fraser Street in Vancouver. It is the place to seek out fabulous fabrics and inspiration. It is always full of designers and costume people.

Always amazing deals on amazing fabrics.

I found some Crystal Organza in every colour imaginable and a shot woven poly that should burn like molten gold. And crazy, crazy fabrics. I then discovered I didn't have my credit card!!!!! And only had $3.46 in my bag. Triple Damn.

Went for Dim Sum and found the most gnarled stack of taro root at the grocery store next door .

It is so hot that the only thing to do is drink some vodka and watermelon slush. Just enough to chase the heat and the demons away! And listen to the guy next door practise his trombone. The more pinky slush the better he sounds.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Studio Day

Back in the studio today to organize and recover from all the shows over the summer.
Pulled some of the art supplies I hauled to the house back into the studio. Mostly books today.
Found a missing cheque. Emptied 6 boxes and started organizing the shelves again.

It gets so hot in there.

Met with Vivian. She did some amazing drawings and a lot of her garments made. Outstanding clothing. So very well made. She is making me a shirt and some pants. So she took the most detailed measurements. So excited to see how they will look.