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Thursday, September 8, 2011


There are some things I just need to confess.

1. I hate pedicures with a passion. No one can come near my toes with sharp implements.
2. I really don't believe in a god but I sometimes wonder about ghosts.
3. I really love grumpy, rude teenagers and full out tantruming two year olds.
4. I have a crush on the person who delivers my mail.
5. I have white sugar in my coffee and sometmes I drink it with Baileys first thing in the morning.
6. I sniff people I love. I think I can smell when they are happy or upset.
7. It is rare that I don't get exactly what I want. Sooner or later.
8. Over tip waitresses because I feel guilty about being served and I used to be one.
9. I like cleaning bathrooms. Mostly mine. It is about shiny, white porcelain and sparkling mirrors.
10. Sometimes I write ridiculous lists.


Deb said...

what a great list! you are an elemental soul and I said YES as I read each item.

material witness said...


Phillipa said...

Thank goodness I'm not the only one who rights lists like this..lol..Thanks

material witness said...

Phillipa, checked out your lovely blogs and discovered another rusty fanatic!
Will check it out again.

Phillipa said...

Thanks for the compliments :). And yes me and rust are having a turgid little affair ;)hehe