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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Reported Again

My hotmail account has crashed again. Once again I am on "Report". It makes no sense at all.
I rely on my hotmail for both business and social stuff. I spend whole periods of my life relying on the computer for contact with the outside world, for contact with my most important Doctor, and with a few friends.

I do not send porn, product information, mushy crap or stupid little quizzes.

Jim will look at it to see if something has jeopardized my account and will find out where this is coming from. It might be another problem.

If you have recieved something offensive from me or are bothered by contact with me and have done this please let me know. I will make sure all contact stops.


Phillipa said...

Get yourself a gmail account as well.Thats what I have.as well as hotmail and a paid one. Covers yur tush when things go wrong ;).
I know it causes much hair tearing and knashing of teeth when computers get Bugged or hacked.

material witness said...

Thanks Phillipa.
Even dreamed about the whole mess last night. Good suggestion.