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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Long Day

Had a long day filming an artist's profile with SHAW today. Got to talk about my work and relationship to the mine. Climbed into a new cavern today and saw stalagtites and thick copper encrustation. Someone had painted handprints on the wall. Kept getting lost in the beauty and had to stay focused on the interview.

I grabbed the wrong bag and left my equipment behind. Ryan, the mine carpenter, rounded me up everything I needed. So I was able to do a detailed demo after all. The staff at the museum are all fantastic from my experience.

Maggie cancelled her trip today and drove me out to Britannia Beach. She nurtured me and was a wonderful support person at the mine. She even moved furniture. Gorgeous trip out and back. Blue, blue sky, nice cool air, sea looking perfect. We had a nice lunch and the best green tea ever. Japanese Sencha. I have to find me some.

I came home and climbed into bed. I felt really dizzy and my arm was swollen and killing me. I think I lifted too much. No pain killers but sleep really worked just fine. I went for a long, long walk when it was dark. And ate a really late dinner on my own.

Krisztina was also interviewed about the show and rounded up tickets for me and friends to come back.

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