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Friday, September 9, 2011

Earthquakes, Korean Bats, South Africa and Michael Moore

It has been a day filled with events.

Tim called and asked if I might consider moving to Johannesburg, South Africa for awhile.
Completely out of left field but nothing unusual there. He was trying to figure out what to do with a little bat that got trapped in one of the shipments of machinery from Korea. No answers for him except maybe and don't touch it.

We had an earthquake on the Coast and I didn't feel a thing. Thought the friend who called me about it was joking. It was out in the Pacific Ocean and doesn't look like much damage was done but I think I'll dismantle the shelf over the head of the bed and decorate the area with a textile and not iron and glass like I have. Would be good not to lose anymore body parts!

I got tickets to Michael Moore!!!! He is reading from his new book and I need to indulge my funny, smart, chubby, lefty guy weakness. Completely embarrassed my kids once when I saw him on the street in Vancouver coming out of a local news station. Stuck my head out the van window, yelled he was hot and put my fist straight into the air. He returned the gesture and laughed. My mortified sons ducked out of sight and hid under the floor matts. I explained it was the greeting used by fellow travellers. And that I thought that he was hot because he believed in equity and justice and put himself in the front lines to get it. And blah blah blah blah. Later explained that the incident would no longer be referred to as "The day Mom fisted Michael Moore".

Made green bean sushi, kamut no knead bread, and black bean, garlic asparagus. Drowned myself in iced chai, researched salinity and drew with the charcoal Laurie brought in from France. Making little boxes for an experiment.

Nothing much happened here today.

South Africa? Really!

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