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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sun Yet Sen Garden

Rock and bamboo

Double sided silk embroidery. Sorry about the exposure but it was behind glass and caught my flash.

Pebble mosaic walkway

Rock formations leading to water.

Exquisite two sided silk embroidery
Click on images for better detail.

Scott and Celine kidnapped me again for our semi-regular field trip. This time they took me to Sun Yet Sen Gardens in Chinatown and out for supper at the Acme Cafe.

An inspiring time as always.

Saw some lovely artifacts and the gardens and ponds are a replica of an ancient stone and water garden in China. Complete with authentic buildings. I used to sit there and have my lunch when I worked in the Downtown Eastside. I'd have some sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf and some tea and watch the old men playing traditional musical instruments and sing to the turtles in the pond. They fed them and the turtles were trained to come when they whistled or sang. So did the koi. It was a magical place to de-stress from the responsibilities of street social work.

Saw the huge koi but not the turtles tonight and heard that most of the old men are now dead.
How lucky I was to have been included with their lunch time ritual then. I swear I kept seeing their shadows!

We ate supper in the Acme Cafe and laughed and talked about everything. I had this delicious broccoli slaw with cranberries and cashews. Celine had a wild boar cass0ulet that smelled incredible. Scott had a very thin crusted chicken pie. Another enjoyable evening.

I got to see their new live work loft which is right over the working waterfront. Planes , ships, helicopters, sea buses, fishing boats and trains came and went frantically the whole time I was there. Such a busy but remarkable view to enjoy.

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