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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Tarot Root - reminds me of the surfaces I do

Overwhelming and row after row of Rocco

Oh La La!!!!!...mucho, mucho!!!!! My new unmentionables? A girl can hallucinate...

Gayla and I went over to Mason's to service her sewing machine. I ran across the street to the fabulous Rocco's Fabric Store on Fraser Street in Vancouver. It is the place to seek out fabulous fabrics and inspiration. It is always full of designers and costume people.

Always amazing deals on amazing fabrics.

I found some Crystal Organza in every colour imaginable and a shot woven poly that should burn like molten gold. And crazy, crazy fabrics. I then discovered I didn't have my credit card!!!!! And only had $3.46 in my bag. Triple Damn.

Went for Dim Sum and found the most gnarled stack of taro root at the grocery store next door .

It is so hot that the only thing to do is drink some vodka and watermelon slush. Just enough to chase the heat and the demons away! And listen to the guy next door practise his trombone. The more pinky slush the better he sounds.

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