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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Botanical Inspiration

Bear's Britches. Ferocious beauty! Extreme and harsh with prickles which turn into beautiful skeletons.
Most amazing veining
Strange flowers.
Love these little pod branches.

Phlox changing to violet fall colouring. Will last well into the winter and then leave leathery dried blossoms and then skeleton blossoms by next spring.
Poppy pods. I will give them a shake in a few weeks and let them fall on the icy ground. Prolific and beautiful this year. The cool summer helped.

Paper wasp family has grown through the summer. they will die in the next few weeks and I will harvest the little nest for my art. They are a little more aggressive right now.

Fall is starting to show her colours. I love this time of year. Harvest and degeneration in a single season. All of my energies are high in Autumn. These are images of some of the favourite plants in my garden other than the ones that feed me.

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