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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Making It Happen

I have gone and done it!

Today I made an offer on a gallery and house in Wells, B.C. It was the Art Rush Gallery which has now moved to Kimberly. I know it very well and have always liked it. I love being in Wells. The people, the location, the beautiful little town, the art school and the pub all thrill me to pieces.

I have now spent enough time there to become attached. Very attached! I ran a gallery up there two years ago. Every day part of my day is spent fantasizing about going back.

SO I pulled together my pennies and learned to read contracts and talk to banks and notaries. My brilliant husband usually does this. But he is buried under work once again and still in the North.

The next few days will reveal what will happen. In the meantime almost everyone in Wells has contacted me to give advice and wish me luck. Old friends and new friends are offering support and encouragement. I am pouring over paint palettes and finding boxes to pack.

Trust me...I am way to Irish to count chickens before they hatch. But it looks really good.
And I feel sure it is what I really, really want!

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