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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wells Gallery

I have spent the last few weeks focusing on purchasing my new gallery and home in Wells, B.C. Canada.

There is so much to do but I am flying to Wells in the morning to do an inspection on the building and to learn how it works. Am also taking part in the Arts As A Business Conference organized by Island Mountain Arts for the weekend.

Decided not to call it the Outhouse Gallery.


arlee said...

OMG does it look enticing!!!! Is it all studio or are there living quarters for you as well? At least if i ever go through Wells again, it'll be easy to find!

Teri Springer said...

Looks lovely. Too bad it's so far from Kelowna where my sister and bil have a place....darn it.

material witness said...

It is worth the trip to Wells in the summer. Many of the houses are brightly coloured because the town is populated by creatives.

There is a living space upstairs. The most fabulous hotel is across the street and I just got back from the best Arts conference ever. Also got to poke through the house.