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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Details, Details, Details

Curator Krisztina Egyed and I sharing a cuddle.

My little corner of the Into The Woods show in the S.A.C. Gallery

Filming "Into The Woods" profile with Ivan Woods, me and Krisztina Egyed at S.A.C. in Squamish

The last few weeks have been so busy. I have learned so much about purchasing a Northern home and gallery. I have moved from excitement, determination, terror, certainty and a calm hopefulness. Tim is so very on board this time and is excited about the changes.

I have wanted to be in Wells for the last 7 years. It took two to go up there and set up the first two galleries. A huge learning curve. I have a good idea about what I am getting myself into.

The plan is to have the gallery up and running by the first week in June. It requires very little work to get it going because the space has been a functioning gallery before.

In the meantime life continues for me in Vancouver. Tim has decided to move home and work on his contract from the Vancouver office. He should be home by the end of November. The CRAWL is my next activity.

I spent the most beautiful day yesterday in Squamish filming another artist profile with Ivan Hughes. There were a collection of artists there all talking about themselves and the work they do. It is for one of the shows called Into the Woods at the Squamish Arts Building Gallery. A really fabulous show. The work will be shown in the CRAWL and then move to the ARTISAN Gallery in Squamish.

We stopped off at the Britannia Beach Mining Museum and checked out my show UNEARTHED.
It looked cared for. I spoke with one of the miners and got really honest feedback which thrilled me. It will be up until November 5th.

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