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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Insuring The Works

I taught a class at Capilano University Textile Arts Program yesterday and converted a whole new group to my evil methods. We tore through samples, shared techniques and destroyed fabric to satisfy our darker textile desires.

Got to meet Mya again. She is confirmed as my practicum student. Lovely, really hardworking and creative. She has a whole cadre of skills I don't have.

I got unbelievable samples. Try a eroded and burnt silver crepe backed lame, a torched and wrapped Christmas Cardinal, smock pleated and painted poly with some poly stitching. One student painted lace and made it fry. Completely gorgeous.

Marie came from the studio to help me. She was the perfect Vanna White to my prancing pony, mega mouth routine.

Only bad part of the day was the soggy cranberry turkey wrap I gagged through at lunch.

Katyee Kilgour came and reminded me that I taught her how to burn wood with a magnifying glass when she was 12 and I was living on Pender Island. I just found one of the logs we burnt last week. She becomes the next custodian.

Favourite customer Rod and I will have dinner on Friday night and he will hopefully survive my interrogation for the next project. He is a most interesting person who has now given me hundreds of old medical slides, old opera movies and a projector. He is going to teach me how to use it and I am going to find out what and why he collects. His eye and ability to find amazing objects and people are inspiring.

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