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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Revisiting The Gold Town

I have spent the last few days following up on an opportunity to revisit the old goldmining town of Wells, B.C. A few possibilities have come to me regarding setting up a gallery there this summer. I have already applied to do a workshop at the Wells Festival.
So the last few days have been spent renegotiating a Gallery for this summer.

Everything seems to be falling into place. I have spoken with two gallery owners and they both seem amenable to renting me space from April to September. Details are being worked out.
I will know in the next few days!

It hasn't taken anytime to plan the Gallery because I had done it all two years ago and we just dragged out the old plans!

I hope that I can be up there for most of the summer. I love the people and the physical environment. It is amazing to find such a small town so cram packed with creative and active people that also fits my political way of being in the world.

This wee little place has everything including a library, orgnaic food delivery, a public bus system to Quesnel, a progressive town council and amazing people who have moved there from my own community of Commercial Drive in Vancouver.

The only downside is the 13 foot snowdrifts that are there right now. They wont even be melted if I take one of the places in April.

I spoke with Claire Kudjunic, an artist friend, and the community is already making me welcome. I am so excited!

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