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Sunday, February 22, 2009


Detail from Taiwanese Lunar Festival lantern at Cultural Olympiad
Artist Roby Swana
Photograph Tim Hurley 2009

Photo Tim Hurley 2009 Taiwanese Lantern Festival Cultural Olympiad

Detail Lantern from Taiwanese Lunar Festival Cultural Olympiad
Photgraph Tim Hurley 2009

Detail Lantern from Taiwanese Lunar Festival Cultural Olympiad
Photograph tim Hurley 2009

Detail Lantern Taiwanese Lunar Festival
Photograph Tim Hurley 2009

1310 William Street is buzzing with activity. Marie, Cara and Hilary have all been very busy and things are starting to turn into objects that are more pleasing to me.
Pictures of some of them are being taken today. I haven't been very good at posting the photos for a little while. I seem to be in either the photo zone or the embroidery zone. But not together.

Thought you might like to look at some of the details Tim and I took of the National Craft Institute's work that came to Vancouver for the Lunar Festival.

I am still not feeling great but am working on it. The work is still getting done. A gal needs her goal.

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