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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Patti Poops Out

I hit the wall today. One extra activity did it. I woke up in agony and full lymph reactivity. Everything hurts and my swelling is nasty. All I can do is feel sorry for myself .

Rebecca left today. She is a young woman but was once a child that this little "village" raised.
She has moved to England with Richard, her Oncologist boyfriend. He has stolen her from us. Spirited her away! My heart is broken. She left without saying goodbye because Richard is English and he didn't want her to cry. I, however, wanted to wail at the plane as it took off!

Rebecca is like my own, even though she has a wonderful mother who is my very close friend.
She is like my neices, who are allowed to curl up in corners of my house and rob me of my things.

Rebecca is an actress and an artist and was a wild child who I knew would work out just fine. She, of course, terrified her mother. But she held my hair from my face when the old chemo self was bent over bowls, she wiped my brow, her tiny hands patted my belly when I was pregnant with my youngest child. She made a clay portrait of me when she was five. She copied my sun hat and red peasant dress and coloured my hair sunshine yellow. She painted huge blue dots for my eyes. She said, " I was sposed to make a beautiful lady doll. I made you."

I never had daughters. I had four wonderful sons. I had Brie, Michelle, Aerin, Karen and Melissa. They are my neices. I also had Rebecca and her sister Juliet.

Parting is harder when health is unpredictable. People end up being missed more than before.

Becky baby...your village will miss you. Have the most wonderful life. This is what your village prepared you for!

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