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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Flying Low

I got bucked out of my chair today. Spectacular landing all twisted up in a huge bucket of giggles. It was so funny and surprising that I didn't realize I actually hurt myself for about an hour.
Hot bath and tylenol seems to be all that is needed.

Luckily Hilary was silk screening the bark today so I wasn't alone. She packed me into the car and drove me home.

Things are now showing some progress. Tomorrow should see at least one finished log. Everyone will be in tomorrow.

Capilano College have asked me to teach again and a new practicum student has applied. It seems too early but it isn't. Time flys when you do.

Best part about falling is that I found my special Japanese gold powder and adhesive in the bucket I landed on. Worst part is the nasty tushy bruise!

Chewing my nails up to my elbows waiting to hear about the
Wells gig.

1 comment:

arlee said...

HOW did you do that??? Glad it's just a bruise Babe and nothing broken :}