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Thursday, March 12, 2009


I spent today in bed whining and feeling sorry for myself.

Yesterday the majority of the gigs happening with the 2010 Committee and the BC Mining Museum were cancelled or delayed. I was more than a little shocked considering I have hired people to help with the work and spent a fortune on supplies.

My show at the "Artisan" gallery in Squamish is still a go for the first week in June until the end of August. Thank God!

I got home from the shopping trip for supplies yesterday to hear that the roof on the Sunset Theatre in Wells has buckled under the heavy snow load. The Sunset Theatre is owned by the same people who bought the "Good Eats Gallery" I was going to rent for the summer. It is now being used to store stuff from the theatre. Nothing can even be discussed for weeks because they have much bigger problems than me. And I really understand.

I am so sad for them. Karen and Dave Jeffries work so hard to benefit Wells. I hope the community will give them a hand. I will see what I can do.

Obviously I need a third backup plan. Just feel too depleted to figure it out today. Best thing about blustery days is the warmth of thick comforters and hot tea. Sniff.

Tomorrow is another day. Cara and I will continue to make large cocoon bodies and bend wire and bamboo. Tomorrow night is the potluck and party at the William's Street Studio. Huge turnout is expected.

Teach next week at Capilano College and find out who my next practicum student is. I loves my practicum students.

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arlee said...

Oh Hon, sorry to hear the crappies! Maybe something else will come of it because you are "prepared"?