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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Welling Up

I have so much to tell you!

The potluck at the Williams Street Studio was wonderful. Marie and I ended up being a little late becasue poor Tim just had a root canal. He was in quiet misery and decided not to come. Right before launching the truck down to the studio my favourite customer Rod called and has found me a bunch of medical imagery, old x-rays and films of disease. He is going to deliver them in his little Smart Car on Tuesday evening.

The potluck was lovely and enhanced by the fact that Fae made it. She is waiting now for the filming they did on her for the wonderful show called "Landscape as Muse." She came and took a Cronenberg video or two home with her and wants to dive into the medical imagery. Can think of a few others who might benefit (Arlee Barr).

The phone rang during my meeting today with Gary, the new owner of the Marie Nagle Gallery in Wells. It was from Mary Lou,the Textile Arts coordinator at Capilano College, confirming my guest teach and that a new student named Mya wants to be my practicum. Mya is great so I am thrilled. Mary Lou also informed me that I have been nominated for the Capilano College Alumni of Distinction Award for the School's fourtieth Anniversary. I was floored and very honoured. Teared up as a matter of fact.

Gary and I set terms today. He will need to talk to the renter of his house to see if I can take the top floor. If so...it is a go!

Favourite New York and World artist Abigail Doan contacted me and asked me if I might be interested in doing something with her and another artist from the Netherlands. Yup!

Celine sent me some wonderful and inspiring imagery for a little scheme we have.

Does having the flu make you a fluzy?


arlee said...

WOW!!! So much news all at once!

Hmm, Cronenberg, ay?

OMG CONGRATS on the Cap award---holysheepshit, Batgirl--that is FANTABULOUS!!!!

And a show with Abigail---does it never end? HUGE cyberhugsandkudos!

material witness said...

Well...the Capilano thing is a nomination and not an award yet!

The Abigail show was a suggestion from her and not a commitment.

But thank you I am so excited.

I see things are going very well for you and that you are gettin' around!