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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pubs and Knitting Circles

Accountants can knit.
Proof anything can happen in the pub.
Knit one Purl one

Writers can knit while drinking a nice glass of ale.
Midwives can rattle a stick.

Spent last night in the Wise Hall Lounge at the first meeting of my knitting group.
Interesting women from 30 - 60. A range of skills from beginners to knitting two socks at a time on one needle. Included a writer, an artist, a midwife, an accountant and others.

So we sat with our ale and knit the night away. We talked wool, stitches and knitting sites and stores.
Turns out any people learned to knit off of You-Tube.

Em was the most experienced knitter. She talked needle sizes and wool thickness. She pulled the raggedy group together. We all talked about different knitting styles and how hard it was to learn in the beginning.

Double projects done to show the rest of us up.
We talked abut life, birth, relationships and death. Law, community politics, housing, education and teen boys. I had the most experience there as I had four and did it pretty well if my kids are any indication.

I think I talked Em into knitting me naughty hats for small talk Gallery.

So I will meet them next Tuesday for a drink, a bitch and a stitch. And I will finally learn how to knit properly. 

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