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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Found Books

I am busy making my share of the Thanksgiving meal. My specialty is the Tarte Tatin. Currently up to my ears in pie crust, salad makings and spanish potatoes.

My son Bren is cooking the rest of the meal at his house.

I spent the morning cruising old magazines and realize that I need to start my design file instead of packing all this crap. Last night's insomnia was the perfect time to do research for my next project. So great when everything comes together information wise. There is a connection, at least in subject, between all of my characters and their obsessions.

Most of my kids are not home this year. Steph is working, Chris and Vashti are in Golden repairing their house and Dane is recuperating in Winnipeg. Bren and Meg are cooking dinner.

Things have been leaving the house and room is appearing. Space to think. The bathroom is nearly finished . It is really lovely with the window and new floor and ginormous footed tub.
Installation is expected tomorrow. I won't climb out for a month.

I am now completely accomplished at peeing in a bucket at 20 feet and having a bath in a cup of water.

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