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Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Results

Tim is now taking time away from his work to enter treatments. Test results are back and his cancer is very serious. So is Tim. Me too!

The facts are more helpful than the fantasy. Facts are that all the biopsy sites showed cancer. The bone scans have not shown any cancer but have shown a map of many of Tim's adventures through time. They also show a touch of arthritis in his hip. wonderful news considering that we were worrying that the pain was bone invasion. He is very healthy and fit for his age. He is a good candidate for surgery. We start there and move to the next step after that is finished.

Tim is an extremely active man. He moves at a pace that would exhaust most gerbils. He recently complained about his energy levels which made us chase him in to the doctor. He did this while hanging from the roof.

He has built the most beautiful gate for our little house. He has dug up the garden patch and is planting food and beauty again this year. He has a list of plans for the next sixty days.

We think we are going to go to the desert for a few days. We have finished making the kinds of tasks like will making. We love our lawyer. His name is Rodney and he drives an old Corolla. He decided that the low mileage and little need for repair would make a smaller earth footprint than buying a new car. He likes looking and acting in a low impact way. His lawyer practise is also very frugal and careful. His suggestions for things like living wills etc were also very practical and helpful. He understood my need to protect the young women attached to our family and my impractical desire to pass on gifts to people and organizations not attached to our family. He also understood the complications involved in a blended family. Lucky that our sons are all generous and fair young men. So that part has gone easy peasy.

Now it is time for us to get on with creating a new kind of life while we help Tim heal and take charge of his healing. How lucky that this has happened in the spring. We wake up to birds singing and to sunlight creeping into the windows. This is Vancouver and flowers are everywhere. I saw my first butterfly yesterday.

I am working on little pod forms with needle knotting and embroidery and cast paper. I am also finishing a mobile made from animal bones that was a commission that has really challenged me.

Trying to stay present in the world of conflicting and overwhelming medical advice. It will all work out.

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