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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Water Wonder

Bennett Bay  Remnants of an old log boom.

Beautiful Bennett Bay Mayne Island

Baby Bull Kelp


Beach Abundance

Cheeky rude deer.
Today we went to the Mayne Island Farmer's Market and bought veggies, plants and a picnic for the beach.
We decided it was going to be a play, picnic and nap kinda day.

Deer One and his friends clopped right onto the deck and chomped the sea holly, irises and weeping pussy willow. There had actually been a decision and the effort to move the plants further onto the deck to avoid temptation. The deer decided to take advantage of my good nature and ate 'em up any way.

They are now going to be treated rudely whenever they pretend friendship as they scope out the place.
I am going to try bubble wrap on the deck and see if that frightens them until I get a protective dog or goose. The geese were chasing them off at a neighbourhood park.

The deer attitude has changed at Sweethaven.

The drive to Bennett Bay is not very far. Just a little too far for me to walk yet. It is so beautiful there and will be a great swimming beach this summer. It is part of a Provincial Park so there is no commerce to deal with.

So many new things to visually explore. Spring is turning to summer now and we were treated to warm sun and soft air. A raven got into the picnic bag and stole my Jamaican Patty. She had also pretended to buddy up. We watched her share it with three others. She is probably a single mom.

Listened to the waves and thought about Wade Davis's book the "Wayfinders". I am curious about natural navigation and how it is that communities identify capacity. Not sure they go together as most of my thought train doesn't these days. My own navigation is a bit off center.

And then listened to the waves and vapourised into them for just a little while.

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