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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Living in Wells is like living in an aquarium. Other gallery owners watch me come and go. They always mention when I open late or decide to close for a day for a workshop or something. I have had to close the Good Eats a few times because of construction or the overwhelming noise from musicians practise.

I am the only gallery owner in my end of town that has not operated within my own home and with a partner. I don't have a car. I walk through the middle of town to my gallery and am usually greated with comments about how late I am because I open at 10 o'clock when they open at 9:00 or so.

I have one other gallery owner who constantly phones me and leaves me a message to tell me what time it is and wonders why I am not there. Sometimes I am in the back or at the general store where my only access to the computer is. I have to run back and forth to do things like eat or go to the bathroom.

I have fantasies that other gallery owners open in their pajamas or eat toast at the desk. They have washing machines, cars and computers in their buildings.
I don't. I know other gallery owners have naps and go for showers later or walks around town when their partners help. I don't.

I had an offer of help when I came in exchange for studio space from one artist. She had offered a couple mornings a week for the right to work in the St. George's. Her stuff is there and I don't know if she works in there. I know that she has worked in the gallery once since I arrived. I also know now based on feedback from others and from direct comments and contact that she is one of my biggest critics.

I really have tried hard but have learned that I would rather do anything but keep a shop. I just want to go back home now. I like to swim in a much bigger pond than this.

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