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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Highlight of the Summer

Last night at dinner my friend Bill asked me what the highlight of my summer was.
I talked about my moose adventure, my bear adventures and the wildflowers.

He looked at me quizically and explained that his summer highlights were always about experiences with people.

My head spun. I am always about people and about interactions. I have four children and endless relatives. I have many friends and neighbours in need of my support. I didn't realize
how much I needed a break from my interactions with people and with social usefullness.

I have been mostly alone in my endeavor here. Not without companions. Certainly interacting with people every day. But alone in goal setting, decision making etc. I like it. I like having the time to think about moose.

The highlight of my summer, though, is also about people. The "Bogman" will stay with me for a long time. Who wouldn't relate to a tall, slender man who spent days dressing up in bog flora and some real, live fauna to make a statement about the environment at the Wells Fashion Show.

I am coming home to Vancouver next week after being gone for five months. The frost is now coming back to Wells and the season is changing. Fires are lit again in the Saint George's Gallery to keep us warm and Claire is bringing in hot cocoa and fresh biscotti.

I will miss all aspects of this place. I will miss the people here. I will miss my bus trip to Quesnel and being offered morning coffee by Mark as I wait for it. I will miss being seen as just Patricia.

The boxes are being packed and the truck home is booked.

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