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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Better Than Ever!

Well. It has happened. The surgery is completed and my eyes have now healed. My pirate patch is gone. I have medication for one more week and a check-up in six months.

These old eyes have better than twenty-twenty vision. I can see really well both close up and far away! Colours are brilliant and focus is now focused.

I can see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sue said...

Such wonderful, glorious news! I know you will so enjoy your (new) vision.

Mighty Fast Pig said...

Great to hear that! I'm glad for you.

material witness said...

Thanks so much! I spent the day looking through hundreds of tiny income tax receipts. I wonder if I faked it for another few weeks they would let me off?

Probably not.

I think I will just go look at more lovely things.