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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Just found a picture of me as a child hunting for dinosaurs. I was digging in the sawdust pile wearing my first jeans. My Aunt Phylis bought them for me. I was thrilled because as an only daughter, I was constantly stuffed into very girly, girl drag consisting of lace from panties to stockings and hated it. There are still remnants of femininity in the patent leather Mary-Janes and lacy socks. This picture was taken in a place called Fallen Timber. The shack in the background belonged to my paternal grandparents. This was on the farm and my poor citified mother hadn't yet understand the need for gum boots.

I was also capable of hanging upside down on the monkey bars, corral fence or a tree in full dress and bashing anyone who dared sing I see London I see France. I was still speaking French at this time and could cuss anyone out with some very serviceable Air Force Montreal expressions.


Deb said...

did you intend on posting the picture?

material witness said...

Yes and now waitng for my son to come help with my scanner.