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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Today looks like a good day for a meander so Chris B, Tim and I will leave early morning to explore the Tulameen area. Tulameen has lots of bears, cougars, rattlesnakes and is as ferocious as a place can be. If you ignore the cottages and farms.

Have packed a picnic and we will eat well. Have packed home brewed wine and we will drink well.
Menu includes roast potato and squash salad, fresh tomatoes, strawberries, spicy, goat cheese, wild lox, boiled eggs, french green beans, and lots of other organic lovelies.

The area is expected to be desert hot. Lots of water, sunscreen and hats.

Tim has been given the o-kay to continue with life again. All medications can be stopped and he can get back into his own head. He has been playing with the camera and is going to try to drive soon.

One project left to finish from commissions. All parts are lined up. Bones, rusty bits, driftwood, constructed paper, gut and an old harness. So far it looks like a pile of random stuff.

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