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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Best Of The Bad

Well the news is finally here regarding my pathology results. The surgery revealed a recurrence of breast cancer. It was very small and growing toward the surface. The tumor was contained and removed. No metastasis has shown up. Borders clean, lungs clean, bones clean and lymph nodes clean.
It looks like I will not need chemo or radiation. I will probably be put on an estrogen blocker. 1 little pill a day.

So back to life and art. Will be leaving for Wells in the next three weeks.

The gallery now has a legal name. It is called the small talk Gallery. It used to be the telegraph office, the telephone office, the dentist office and the newspaper office in the past. I held a naming contest for the residents and supporters of the Well's art community and Kathleen Landry, a  fabulous quilter won!

There are now a number of artist's in the small talk stable. Poppy Candy Anders, Laurie Landry, Kathleen Landry, Paula Scott, Robert Klein, Bill Horne, Arlee Barr, Cory Hardeman, Vivian Baumann and Karen Jeffery. I am currently interviewing ceramics artists,textile artists and jewellers from British Columbia.

Trying to finish up the income tax audit in the mean time and trying to pack and heal!


Judith said...

Oh Patricia I have been waiting for this post. I'm so relieved and happy for you. I had my own
"Day of Atonement" last week and got news yesterday that I'm OK too! High fives and hugs all around!
I would so love to do one of your workshops. Maybe next year. Have a great summer. Be Well.

material witness said...

Glad you are okay!

Are you back in the cancer clinic? I will be there deciding the next course of action.
The lump was cancer. They are pretty sure it was all got but now they want to make sure.

I am doing a workshop in Wells in July. Check out the calender with Island Mountain Arts.

Judith said...

No I'm not at the Cancer Clinic again. I have been going through the Rapid Access Breast Clinic at Mt. St. Joseph's Hospital. They are monitoring clacifications but
so far so good. They also have
a digital mammography unit. Irve Kuusk works out of there as well.
Good Times!! Hey how about
"The Body as Boro" for an art theme :)

Can't do Wells this year because of a granchild soon but maybe next year if you have one.
Could you send me an email address I can reach you at to discuss a workshop for my weaving guild next year. Maybe in the winter when you are back from Wells??


material witness said...

Good. Calcifications is better than malignancy!

I am back mid October.

Unless the Cancer Clinic has other plans for me. I used Mt. St. Jo this time for surgery.

I plan on being in Wells in the next two weeks!!!Fingers double crossed.

e-mail kat_kehoe@hotmail.com

I have been working on the Internal Landscape theme for a few years.

The Body as Boro is intriguing.