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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pens and Pencils

I am up and playing with paper after a day or two of self indulgence and feeling sorry for myself.
This healing thing is challenging sometimes. F cancer and it's aftermath. F pain. F depression. F hospitals.

Gayla dragged me out for dim sum today. Sadie and Mary Ellen both let me talk about fear.
Barry filled me up with stories of tropical reefs and camel riding.  Bren came by and checked. Vivian filled me in on Sasquatch stories. Tim cooked an amazing dinner.  Rod the Viking offered hot sake and a trip to Seattle and talked about illumination and visiting Wells.

Bandages off. Sutures holding me together. But going on my East is East Chai date tomorrow with Celine.


Judith said...

I am so feeling this with you. Why is it that cancer victims are supposed to be brave and stoic?
F all of that stuff for sure.
My GP asked me recently if I
was suffering from depression?
What an inspired diagnosis!
I could only laugh.
Thinking of you.

material witness said...

Some days it takes more to get up than other days.

Brave, stoic? Not so much sometimes.
Going through the whole process is what is truly amazing.
Diagnosis...gettin' through it!
lookin' it in the eye! pushin' past it! trippin' on it!

Hard not to get emotional with everything they pump into us to make sure this beast goes away.

I don't have a new diagnosis yet. Or at least one from my surgeon's mouth. Or at all. May 7th.

Thinking of you too! Hope this day sees you well.