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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bear Bangers and Wild Dyes.

Island Mountain Arts Gallery and headquarters across the street. Co-ordinates one of the best festivals ever and an
amazing school of the arts in the summer. Takes over the whole school and most community venues. 
Lady's Mantle growing prolifically through the yard. A great dye plant.

View of the small talk Gallery bird houses and Pooley Street.
J. ,one of the Wells children, freely playing cartwheels in the park beside the gallery.
Unpacking my living room.
Forget- me-knots planted by the previous inhabitant of my house.
Gallery cat Clyde and Master of the balcony supervising the lavender seedlings on the old mine table.

 The back walkway into the house. Larry's lasso parked for now.

Happily getting adjusted to life in Wells. But forgot some things...like mosquito bites on butt.

Just heard a bear banger go off near the school. At least it sounded like a bear banger. It might have been a
shotgun or dynamite near one of the gold claims. All I know is that the RCMP went by in the SUV a little while ago and then the bear banger sound happened.

Funny thing is that I was out hunting dye plants for my workshop. Easy to get distracted.

Animals live near the town and occasionally decide to come in for a visit. I personally have seen a wolf, coyotes, foxes, a bear and a young cougar just past the Wells Information Center. Will remind myself it is spring and some of the critters are still hungry. I don't plan on being anybody's main course!

Think I will go close the windows and let kitty in.

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arlee said...

I;m sorry, i had a snortle, envisioning virginal bears running screaming through the woods being chased by priapic hunters.

As you know, we have lots of coyotes here, and our cats all get a curfew at night so they don't become midnight snacks.