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Monday, June 11, 2012

Wells At Last

I am finally home in my little house and gallery in Wells. We had an eventful journey pulling a trailer with the van and a packed moving truck. Ran into rain, sleet, and finally a blizzard over Devil's Canyon in the Pass near Wells.

Woke up in the morning to friends starting to unload the truck. They had made our beds, turned on the water, turned on the heat and cared for my new studio cat Clyde. Baskets arrived with home baked bread, mountain berry jam and hugs. Ate a first dinner with friends which consisted of fresh elk, incredble home made seed crackers, home cooked peach sambal sauce and one of Claire's delicious cherry and organic grape crumble.Walked into the "Well's General Store" and got chapped from hugs and kisses.

Have also experienced two power failures, no-see-ums, and a four day internet wrangle. The water stinks of sulphur right now. Mark, my very wonderful neighbour, climbed up slide mountain with Joel and brought me gallons of fresh spring water. The wild flowers are starting to bloom everywhere. The house is surrounded by Lady's Mantle and forget-me-nots.

Tim has been working his tail off setting up the gallery and house. We have had help every day.

Pictures of Wells tomorrow if the internet doesn't fail again.

I am home!!!


arlee said...

Hope you've settled in--and friends like that are GOLD, lucky you!

material witness said...

Solid Gold. Thanks. Can't wait to see your work hanging in the small talk Gallery!

correopsis said...

My departed husband and I used to own property in Wells - right down town