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Thursday, March 7, 2013

New vs.Old: The W.I.P. Pile

Work in progress avalanche. Patricia Chauncey
Organizing W.I.P.'s

Having the equivalent of a room full of W.I.P.s is a problem when you have a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis and are on the edge of a big move. I am waiting to hear if I will be moving and that is most likely. I put a bid on an incredible property that is a Court sale. It is a huge house and it is surrounded by forests and meadows.
No details yet but the house and property will mean I can be surrounded by friends and family who will not have to sleep on the couch. It goes to Court next week. No other offers have come in.

This property is a dream Tim and I have been trying to accomplish all the years we have been together.

My life has a way of bringing me what and who I need.

Currently we live in a very small cottage (480 sq. ft.) in the middle of an inner city neighbourhood in Vancouver. We have lived here for 14 years. There was even a point where three of the children lived with us in this squeak of a house. This family have always been accomplished at folding up and fitting in tiny spaces.
Bren, Tim and I are all nearly 6 ft. tall and the others range from 6'3" to a slash under 6"6".

We are both shivering awake in the middle of the night with this apprehension and feel like runners waiting for the start pistol. READY, FIRE, AIM!! Tim is completely excited and hasn't wiped the smile off his face all month.  

So it may be premature but I am packing. And the W.I.P.'s are staring me square in the eye.

Melted wonders yet to hit the needles and scissors Patricia Chauncey photo

Hours of work but not yet complete. Patricia Chauncey photo

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