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Monday, April 1, 2013

My Old Bedroom.

I am sure gonna miss my old bedroom. It is really a tiny cubby hole on an old covered in
back porch. The room is as wide as a double bed and twice as long. The door to the back deck is right in the centre of it.

I slept in my new bedroom on the big house on the hill for two nights and have come back to the little house to finish packing up. My new bedroom is in a turret surrounded by a big bay window. It overlooks the fields
of Sweethaven.

I will miss my cozy retreat.

But my new house is pretty amazing.
                                          Tiny bedroom in Vancouver.

Sweethaven from the back. My new bedroom is in the turret.


arlee said...

and you will be a princess, hopefully minus the pea, in that one :)

material witness said...

I couldn't sleep. Too much air I think. We came back to Vancouver last night to finish packing house and studio. This moving stuff ain't for any princess I know. Although I think I found the peas to make soup.