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Friday, July 12, 2013

And The Day After That

Phew! Some days are more difficult than others but that can all be fixed by preparing a good feed of Les Pied Du Cochon. Hot and peppery like made in Quebec when I was little. Talk about foot in mouth! Nothing polite or Calvinist there. Thank God! I am still stinging from the last appendage I ate.

So the broom jar finally cooled down after 2 days basking in the sun.  It had also started to turn into a bit of a strange brew and bubbled and hissed when I twisted the lid open. I'll have to remember this for my next batch of hooch. A solar powered still has never occurred to me before but turning the kiddie pool into a hot tub might be easier than I thought.

So the broom brew cooled a little and I could stick my hand in. So I did. And took a colander and rinsed the brew. I left it for awhile and caught up with my soap opera. I won't do that again.

Then I threw it in a big pot to steep away. gently simmering for two hours. And cooled my lunch. Took a phone call from the lovely Viking and my realtor who are both coming to the Island to drink my wine.
Hopefully on different days. Because I hate mixing metaphors. And in the meantime the broom softened to the point I could pick up the more fibrous, dense bits and put them aside to beat with my mallet. When I am in a ferocious mood.

And...wait for it...  I put the sludge in my blender on the freaking, shrieking high. And blended it until it looked like a delicious,watery, fine ground pesto. I will leave it until tomorrow and blend it again.

And voila!!! Paper pulp in just a few days.

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