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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Scottish Broom Paper Making Continued

Just checking.

To Be Continued in this case requires a few days of watching and waiting.
The jar is too hot to touch so the broom is cooking away with the passive solar method.

Reminder again. Plant materials, additive and water in a big jar that is placed under the unrelenting sun and patiently left to steep. Very patiently. Now stop peeking and go weed that garden.

I sprung awake last night and remembered that the drained broom water is a dye. It works that way if you don't add the other ingredients like salt , soda or caustic acid. You use the additives in the dye bath.The best dye is from the flowers, of course, but my intention is to show as many uses for the broom as possible.

I will use this particular paper for my sample book for the Mayne Island Conservancy and for my journal pages for the Arts Wells project.

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