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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Illiteratty Visits Sweethaven

Illiteratty plays a tune at the Mayne Island Community Center
Kirsten Daub, Earl Peach and Mark Bender
Some vicious Boogie Woogie piano with Simon Kendall, Albert Klassen and Kirsten Daub

Sweethaven was blessed with a visit from the band "Illiteratty". Old friend and comrade, Earl Peach,. brought his cronies for a concert and a visit. And all we did was fed and bed them.

We were treated to an incredible concert across the street at the Mayne Island Community Center. Full house and lots of Mayne Islanders to meet. Watching Earl Peach and Simon Kendall waltz was a highlight of the evening. Hearing Earl sing brought me back to my activist days. I forgot the guts he puts in every single thing he does. The band was cohesive and sweet.

We all stayed up way too late talking misspent youth and odd experiences. Earl and I shared an early childhood in Quebec and an activist history, Mark talked about his twelve year old innocence in the full blast hippie days in Kitsilano (Canada's San Francisco), Kirsten shared stories of growing up so many years later.Tim talked about differences and we tried to figure out why Catholics and Protestants still have disdain for one another in parts of Canada.

Turned out Simon's kid and two of our kids went to the same day-care at the same time years ago. We rehashed old scandals. Daycares do have them. We all have them.

We had a nice, soft night and an easy morning while they packed up and left for their next concert in Port Alberni. Earl treated us to the sounds of an old Hammond Organ that was left in the house. Inspiring to prepare breakfast to Latin rhythms.

My thought waving goodbye as they went to catch the ferry was "Y'all come back now."

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