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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Beautiful Package

This is the beautiful parcel I recieved from Deb Lacativa.
The colour, handwork and deliciousness of the piece is lighting up both my life and a little corner of my house.

Deb's work is so fearless and full of so many little tiny details. I have been thrilled by her work for years and years. I have only seen images on the internet and in magazines.

My little post box in the forest just near Sweethaven on Mayne Island B.C. throbbed with the energy of this piece. A wee package poured out and I opened it while standing there. A gasp doesn't describe the breath I took in when I unfolded it.

Deb Lacativa is a textile hero of mine and a friend through this little box. She has a beautiful blog called

Beautiful Deb Lacativa textile that fell from my mailbox.

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