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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Six Weeks

Six weeks ago, at the beginning of my recent trials and tortures, I threw a small piece of cloth in the |rust bucket just outside the greenhouse. It sat forgotten throughout the fall and stained and rusted away. I have mostly been out of commision creatively and almost forgot it. But I am up imitating someone who can walk once again.
There was the bucket sitting there in a fairly accesible place and everything was floating on the top. A little swish revealed a very rust stained cloth. Thrlling to have the creative process and nature proceed without direct action.

A quick decision and the cloth was rinsed just a little by garden hose, laid on the lawn and plants close enough to get too were placed on the cloth in a haphazard configuration, Spontaneous and impatient. Like with most things lately. Design decided by pain tolerance. The closest available leaves , branches and berries included arbutus bark, arbutus berries, buttercup leaves, euculyptus leaves, pear leaves and bark and fig leaves for the wrapping. Haphazard. Poorly placed. All wrapped up tight together around an unknown twig and fastened with my braid elastic.

I brought the drippy thing into the entry and found the big dye pot that just made it's way home from the studio in Wells and emptied the tea pot, the coffee pot and grounds, three half drunk water bottles and a bowl full of rain water. Plus eight pre-used black tea bags and  threw it on the stove to simmer for the afternoon. More fig leaves and embroidery threads were added later as an after thought.

This morning revealed a lovely cloth that my efforts didn't deserve. And pretty thread to stitch it with.

A photograph when the sun comes out again.

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