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Friday, February 28, 2014

Visiting Judy Taylor

The first textile artist I visited on Mayne Island was Judy Taylor.
I ran into her at Astrid's Kitchen with old Guild friend Dani Lacosta
and she invited me home with her to see her inspiring house and for blackberry scones and sweet English tea.

I am easy to pick up when offered a crawl through someone's studio and fabric stash.

Judy was generous sharing who she is as a person and an artist. She was also the head nurse around these parts for a number of years and keeps her hand in by helping out by driving and visitng the sick and infirm. Like me.

Her strong and completely giving personality and outspoken Northern English way fit me like a glove.
Her talent and sense of colour and design are wonderful. She has shown me piles of quilts, fabric bits and new textile constructions and she, in turn, has climbed through some of mine.

Judy, like nearly every textile artist I know, lives happily with her textile piles. She has stray threads on her coat and little pigment stains on her hands. Blue that day.

I just had to share some images of her lovely quilts. And a little bit of her. All the colours are deeper and more vivid. I took the pictures with my phone on a very sunny day.
                       Judy leading me through a version of textile heaven.
One of Judy's experimental pieced quilts.

The sewing section of her studio.

                          A pile of lovely quilts all Judy Taylor done.
Judy's talented hand on one of her quilts.

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