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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Legacy in Stitch

There is nothing more moving to me than to touch one of my ancestor's needlework.
My inheritance has consisted of some books , a few personal objects and lovely needle work.
Mother's worn through book cover she made from moose leather when she was at camp in the 40's.
Great Grandmother's Rosary beads on Mother's christening gown.. Her white work.
Typical Irish Crochet. Done by Great Grandmother from Irish Quebec.
Oregon Great Granny Adams lamb batt quilt made for my Granny Chauncey as her wedding quilt. She raised the lamb. She also gave me one named Lolly when I was nine. I slept under this quilt many times.
It appears that both my grandmothers and most of my great grandmothers each left me something to touch. here is a collection of some of my special things.
Great Granny Mary Kehoe's Irish white work done for the Ursuline Nuns of Quebec City.

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