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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Livestock and Crop Management

Last weekend two local farmers, Jessandra and Dr.Jonathon, gifted me with 10 ducks. Two of them are gorgeous drakes for breeding purposes. They are Muscovy ducks. They hiss and wave their necks when they greet you, forage, can climb trees and fly.  They have warty faces and very beautiful markings.

They are the least demanding livestock who also pay rent. 1 dozen eggs in less than a week. Tasty eggs.
Which means lots of babies. I will let them settle first and move them into a duck hut and not the chicken coop.

I have to get them in at night because the predators are slinky and sneaky. Raccoons, mink, otter, eagles and buzzards.

I budget about 30 minutes at night to round them up out of the garden where they like to weed and eat bugs.
Also about 30 minutes in the morning to make sure they have clean water and new crumble. I get my breakfast egg every morning and a few more during the day.

The daffodils are up all over Sweethaven.
Spring daffodil. Mayne Island morning dew.

First duck egg laid at Sweethaven.
Some of the new girls at Sweethaven.

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sweet feathered serpents